Tessa Alexander

Inspired by the mundane, marginalized everydayness of life and based on a combination of photographs, sketches and memory Tessa creates visual images which explore themes surrounding identity and heritage. Her compositions whether landscape or figurative are often juxtaposed or layered with motifs which reflect topical issues surrounding political and economic hegemony. 


Tessa is primarily a watercolour artist as the colour, and textures produced from the medium capture the Caribbean essence and is suitable to tropical conditions as it is fluid, quick drying and environmentally friendly. However she will often combine hand made papers and cultural embellishments to reflect her own mixed heritage Trinidadian aesthetic.

Tessa Alexander has an Associate's degree in fashion design and an MFA in Cultural Studies, she is a full time artist and art educator and her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and can be found in collections around the world.

Contact : Tessaalexanderart@gmail.com

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